Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A taxi-driver told me. The empty lot behind the corrugated wall was once reserved for the emigrants from Hong-Kong. The fathers of Danshui had calculated that once Hong-Kong would go under the Chinese Mainland rule in 1997 a wealthy stream of emigrants would flow into Danshui North-Taiwan and for them Danshui prepared a whole new city, the New City.

In 1997 nobody came.

Now the New City is behind the corrugated wall with all the streets and infrastructure ready - even traffic lights are blinking. Signs are stating "school" and "hospital". Only houses are missing. Now ants are using the streets. Nature has taken over the man-made. Now the Hong-Kong people should come and share the New City with nature.


Zero City is made for the Taiwan Design Expo 2005 Future Pavilion.
Marco Casagrande & Nikita Wu.